Using proven research to change behaviour in your business

Why It Works

Our services for businesses are based on academic research and best practice from three key areas – mind, body and physical space. But splitting the three areas when it comes to delivering programmes is not as effective because people don’t think and act in this way.

So, uniquely, we combine all three elements into a programme that is built on the tenets of behavioural change strategy.  Only by evaluating and then addressing these three areas with individuals and teams can real change for your business be realised. 

We academically evaluate everything we do, every step of the way. So you can be sure that what we propose fits the people in your business according to their individual needs. Real business benefits, with proven results.


Mindfulness is a learnt skill that works via a process of brain training. The parts of the brain responsible for attributes such as focus, creativity, self-regulation and empathy become stronger as a result of this process. Post-programme, people have reported an increase of 32% in focus (SIY) and 93% of NHS staff reported better relationships with colleagues Over time these attributes become behaviour traits and change the way we perform. This is important when we consider that according to Harvard University 47% of the day our mind wanders not in a productive way (either for ourselves or for our work). By increased awareness of the habits of the mind and learning to manage this to our advantage, we can achieve great improvements to our daily experience in work and daily life. In a University of Surrey study, subjects reported a 63% drop in levels of depression and a 58% drop in levels of anxiety after receiving mindfulness training. Mindfulness addresses and enhances abilities within key areas of employee wellbeing and enables more effective and productive working.


Over 70% of employees in high performing workplaces agree that their office enables productivity (Leesman). So we know that the working environment provides employers with the opportunity to improve the wellbeing and in turn the productivity of the workforce. But how do you know whether your workspace is helping or hindering wellbeing? Our unique workspace audit provides the insight into the current position and how to make improvements. This does not mean radically re-building your office, but rather making slight adjustments to achieve major changes. These changes will allow for variation, movement and collaboration amongst your workers, as well as improving their mental and physical wellbeing, when implemented with our expertise. Improving your workplace environment is essential to promote creativity, collaboration and happiness.


Activity and movement bring a wealth of benefits to the human body – from increased strength, to weight-loss, improved mental health as well as helping to prevent a range of chronic diseases. At a basic level, the human body is designed to move and so re-introducing activity and movement into the daily routine will immediately bring improvements. The problem is that in the workplace sitting at a desk has not only become the norm but in fact almost the sole thing people do during the day. By creating opportunities to move around and even take part in formal exercise, employers can help to firstly encourage people to move around more as part of their daily routines at work, and then go on to pick up regular exercise as a habit. Our programmes are designed to set out the problems and then gradually move people to changing behaviour via workshops, tools and creating sustainable activities via ambassadors. This includes senior management leading the way and supporting a culture change around the office to a more active outlook. We can help you plan out your workplace routines to include activity, instead of promoting sedentary behaviour.