Designing, evaluating and training workplace wellbeing for your business

What We Do

Keeping our minds and bodies healthy and creating interesting spaces in which to work are not new concepts. We have combined these elements into a proposition that is expertly woven together (or can be provided as separate elements) and made just for businesses like yours. And how many programmes are academically led with expert evaluation and implementation? More importantly, how can you be sure that it will make a difference to your business – increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, a healthier team working better together. CP Active can provide all this for your business. Here’s how we do it.

By first appraising your current situation we fully understand the programme style and approach of delivery required to have maximum benefit to your business. We train your management team and workforce through high value workshops, plus we train mentors and ambassadors so they have the skills to create continuity and sustainability and of course train your people so they have the knowledge, skill and resources they need. We also provide research and evaluation services to a number of organisations delivering services in health, wellbeing and activity, which want to academically assess the outcomes of their own programmes.

Our Mindfulness programme – Workplace MT (certified through TME – a spin-off organisation of the Oxford University Department for Mindfulness) – includes evidence-based courses delivered over six weeks in one-hour sessions for both leaders and their teams. It is designed to ensure your leaders and people own the skill of mindfulness to master their own mind and thrive. Each week we train the skill of mindfulness and the application within the workplace. We cover:

  • how to improve attention management and focus
  • awareness of the body and how we respond to stress
  • how to enable greater creativity
  • ways to deal with difficulty
  • managing our thoughts effectively
  • how to live and work mindfully

Mindfulness has been proven to be an essential tool in enabling wellbeing and creating more effective and successful workers.

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Most people are aware that a healthy and active body leads to greater overall health benefits (including mental health). But the question is how to effect real change that shows results. We believe it is crucial to identify the real reasons for lack of activity in your organisation in order to provide workable solutions.

Academically appraising the reasons why your people are not as active as they could be and applying nudge theory to your workplace, for example, we can start the process of promoting behaviour change.

Led by Dr Nicola Eccles, an expert in health behaviour change for 25 years, we educate leaders in the importance of this change in culture and then your people in simple ways to achieve their health goals.

To ensure sustainability, our activity potential reports and mentor training enable your organisation to maintain an active culture where your teams have the tools to continually develop healthy behavioural habits.

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Choice architecture is the concept of creating environments that promote healthy choices. This can apply to the mind and body equally. If we spend at least a third of our day in the workplace then this environment matters just as much as our home environment to our health and wellbeing.

We will conduct an audit of your building and workspace, evaluating our findings against our uniquely developed criteria to check how your business measures up in providing and promoting a healthy environment in which to work.

Our workshop designed for management and leaders educates on the importance of recognising and maintaining a healthy work space and the potential that can be unlocked by addressing this crucial aspect of your business, with practical measures you can take to drive change.

Our unique combination of wellbeing elements can be tailored to your business needs precisely. That’s what makes us different from the other products and services already on the market.

We will evaluate your business first, and then provide you a menu of options that meets the need of your business and employees.

We talk to your employees – find out what makes them tick and what the challenges are that they face in and out of the workplace which could be tackled to improve their wellbeing.

We can help

We’re not just focused on physical activity. We believe we can create environments that help tackle other social issues, such as smoking cessation, isolation of the elderly and road safety.