Appraise - lead – mentor

Appraising the current issues

Understanding the underlying issues preventing a healthy mind, body and space are critical to implementing a wellbeing programme that works and that is sustainable in order to enable real change. We use qualitative research and evaluation techniques to appraise your particular workplace. This bespoke evaluation prepares the way for our tailored and targeted programmes of change.

All of our programmes incorporate strategies to improve your employees’ minds, bodies and work spaces interwoven with the latest behaviour change theory, devised by one of the country’s leading health and activity behaviour change experts – Dr Nicola Eccles.

Leadership for change

We hear a lot about ‘buy-in’ from senior management being crucial in any programme of change. But buy-in does not in itself create change. Your leaders are expected to lead your organisation in every other aspect so why would this be any different? We have created workshops and courses designed to focus on the benefits to the business or organisation from the perspective of both the leadership team as well as your other staff members. 

Helping them to understand the issues and how they can take steps to make changes that will have an instant impact on the health and wellbeing of your workforce, leading to tangible business benefits.

Programmes include:

Mindfulness Workshop

Focusing on the benefits of wellbeing and in particular mindfulness to productivity, team working and effective management. The outcome will be a solid introduction to the key elements of mindfulness.

Mindful Leadership (six-week course)

Training in the benefit and practices of mindfulness so that senior staff own the skill of mindfulness with specific modules designed for management. The outcome will be a thorough understanding and knowledge of how to practise mindfulness.

Active Workplace Workshop

Discover why health and activity are crucial to success and wellbeing and how to implement best practice in your particular workplace. The outcome will be an understanding of the habits of sedentary behaviour and how to take simple action to redress the balance with activity.

Wellbeing at Work

A macro-level workshop on the benefits of wellbeing in the workplace and the results you can expect to see by implementing a comprehensive programme for your workforce. The outcome will be an understanding of how wellbeing can improve your workplace and business.

Building for Success Workshop

Explores the reasons why the environment, choice architecture and workplaces can significantly affect people’s mood, motivation and creativity. Using global examples of best practice, this workshop translates theory into practical steps that can be taken to change your workplace (without costing the earth). The outcome will be an understanding of how the workspace is critical to wellbeing, creativity and collaboration and how to make simple adaptations.

Mentoring for the future

People are inspired by people. So to create sustainable mindful, active and environmental wellbeing requires continual support and commitment. We train your selected mentors to develop the courses we deliver into consistent, productive activities that continually improve the wellbeing of your workforce and provide corresponding benefits to your business.

Mindful Mentor

Provides the Train the Trainer Workplace MT course (delivered by Marina Grazier and the team at TME) and including education on holding and managing sessions, how to promote effectively and opportunities for continual development.

Active Workplace Mentor

Develops a deeper understanding of the psychology behind behaviour change and how this can be used to promote and sustain active workplaces.

Workspace Mentor

Looks at the way space and interior design can be used more effectively to deliver a healthier environment and provide a vibrant and stimulating place in which happier people can excel.