We work with businesses, universities and public health practitioners

Here are some examples of our work


Kirklees Council, University of Huddersfield, Nether Hall Learning Campus

Our report on Environmental Nudges for Health published in August 2018 detailed a project completed for Kirklees Council, the University of Huddersfield and Nether Hal Learning Campus, which was designed to change behaviour in relation to perceptions about activity in the workplace.

We conducted focus groups to assess the mindset of employees before and after interventions were made. They showed that employees found it hard to be physically active:

“I’ve either got time and no energy or energy and no time.”

And that time for potential activity was directly affected by the pressures of the working day.

“If I’m down on my hours, if I’ve been late in the morning I’ll work through lunch.”

We implemented a number of environmental nudges (prompts) in a range of formats and locations (e.g. on their way to work and in the workplace itself) to engage employees in thinking about the problems and empowering them to take action.

“(The nudges) did prompt me to actually walk… I have actually got up from my desk because I was a bugger for eating at the screen.”

“It worked for me. It is the motivation that’s the big thing for me that’s missing. I think I need to change what I’m doing so the (nudges) were useful for me and it worked in that respect.”

So we have shown that we can change behaviour and empower people to take the first steps towards a more active working day. We are now discussing the next steps with the Council as to how we can create a long-term, sustainable programme to actually change the culture in the workplace around activity.

“We were approached by CP Active to implement some of their behavioural change theories around health and activity behaviour. Working alongside the University of Huddersfield, this presented an ideal opportunity for Kirklees Council to trial these innovative ideas that have never been tested properly in the UK before. The scheme… will help to shape our approach to increasing activity levels for communities in Kirklees in the future.”

Alison Millbourn (MPH), Public Health Manager, Kirklees Council

Mindful Leadership

We delivered a six-week mindfulness course at This Time Next Year, a creative co-working space in East London, producing positive results for the participants who had come to seek advice on managing stress and creating focus in the workplace.

Participants reported various issues around their previous responses to work tasks and also how they wished to be able to feel more relaxed and experience greater wellbeing. We focused on understanding triggers and used simple mindfulness practices to help the participants gain a greater sense of perspective when experiencing emotional reactions to common workplace situations, which would previously have created further stress.

There was not only an understanding of the practices but over the course a greater ability to apply mindfulness to interrupt the automatic responses to the pressures of the working day and in their home life.

Assessing the workspace – a report and outcomes for the Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre

Using our expertly-devised set of criteria, CP Active conducted a building and workplace audit at the Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre (EWIC) – a social enterprise that provides office space for a wide range of small businesses in West Yorkshire.

The audit meticulously examined over 130 separate elements from bike racks and shower facilities, to the food served in the in-house café. The resulting report provided a benchmarked score, commentary on the findings (complete will photographic and other evidence), as well as a series of recommendations detailing how the Centre could improve the layout of facilities and add in other elements to maximise the opportunities for its resident businesses to be active.

The report is being used by the EWIC to guide continual improvements to the site and already some recommendations have been incorporated into the centre and its daily practices.

“What a great initiative – health by stealth! We were very happy to be involved in this project and the findings are helping us to shape what and how we offer our client businesses office space and services in the future.”

Alison Haskins, Chief Executive Officer, Halifax Opportunities Trust