Importance of friendship groups in girls’ participation in sport draws a crowd at 2016 StreetGames Conference

Written by Ed Armstrong

Dr Nicola Eccles, Director of Research at CP Active, gave a keynote speech at the 2016 StreetGames conference held at Warwick University in April. Dr Eccles was previously asked to evaluate the Us Girls programme, specifically designed by StreetGames to encourage and motivate girls to get involved in sport, particularly in areas where there is a traditionally low participation level for girls.

Dr Eccles applied her years of research and knowledge to assess the role that friendship groups play in girls’ perception and willingness to stay involved in a particular sport in the StreetGames programme areas. The findings and wider theories around this critical element of girls’ participation in sport were presented back to the Conference audience and the keynote speech proved to be very popular with delegates.

“The work of StreetGames, and specifically the Us Girls programme is making excellent headway into providing the right spaces and motivation for girls to get involved in sport on a local level. The trick is keeping these girls involved in sport and building their confidence at the same time. Friendship groups are key to providing the basis for this and I was really keen to work on this project for StreetGames.”

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