Students ‘activate’ their ideas at the CP Active ICE Challenge at University of Huddersfield

Written by Ed Armstrong

CP Active became the latest beneficiary of the wealth of ideas coming from students at the University of Huddersfield ICE Challenge this month. Dr Nicola Eccles set a challenge for the group of participants, drawn from various disciplines at the university.

The students had four hours to research their ideas, design a concept and present it back to the judging panel, which included Dr Nicola Eccles, Tim Marsden and Richard Eccles from CP Active, as well as Dr Kiera Lewis from the Health and Wellbeing Department at the University.

“We set a tough challenge that was based on a new concept – using environmental nudges to reduce inactivity – which has not been used in a formal way in the UK before. Despite the students coming from a broad mix of academic disciplines, they picked up the theory remarkably quickly and worked hard together in teams in the few hours they had to design and create a presentation for their chosen ideas.”
(Richard Eccles, Managing Director)

CP Active awarded the winning team £100 and the opportunity to develop their idea with the organisation over the coming weeks.


Education, Environment