Huddersfield is on the move!

Written by Richard Eccles

CP Active creates a 'whole town' approach to its environmental health prompts

How do we reach whole communities when trying to create behaviour change? Well you could spend millions of pounds penetrating every conceivable online and traditional media avenue but, back in the real world, how is this possible with ever-decreasing council budgets for health prevention?

One answer is to use media that reaches almost everyone in a community – outdoor media. CP Active has implemented a pilot scheme in Huddersfield, along with Kirklees Council and the University of Huddersfield, to try to flag up the problems with our sedentary lifestyles and to get people thinking about the small changes they can make to become more active.

“Using a range of outdoor media, such as town boundary signs, roundabouts and lamppost banners, CP Active will have reached most people in Huddersfield by the end of the pilot scheme. This provides a powerful example of the capacity of outdoor media to boost messages aimed at whole communities, and also creates a buzz around the campaign generally. Early signs from the pilot are that people are talking about the messages and asking questions – that is a critical step in creating any form of behaviour change.”

Mike Brennan, CEO


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