CP Active launches environmental prompts pilot

Written by Richard Eccles

CP Active has joined forces with the University of Huddersfield and Kirklees Council, as well as Heart Research UK, to test the effect of environmental health prompts.

Using environmental prompts to change behaviour is not a new phenomenon – think of ‘no smoking’ signs or ‘now wash your hands’ stickers in toilets. However, they have never really been used on any great scale in the UK in relation to inactivity.

CP Active has launched a pilot scheme in Huddersfield, using a range of media and styles of prompt to test whether people will firstly even start to think about becoming more active, and then possibly take action to do so.

The pilot is based around three sites in the town using the Council’s and University’s own buildings to prompt change for employees. A third site using a local school will be added later in the year.

The prompts range from wall stickers, to glass vinyls, to lamppost banners and roundabout signage to provide a highly visual series of prompts to focus people’s attention on the fact that we tend to sit down for a lot of the time.

“We have seen minor studies, for example, using prompts to encourage people to use the stairs instead of lifts, but never has a comprehensive test been conducted using a variety of spaces, prompts and messages.” (Dr Nicola Eccles, Director of Research)

The pilot will run for the next few weeks and pre- and post-quantitative and qualitative data is being collected and evaluated as part of the study.

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