CP Active and Gagarin Studios ‘activate’ new partnership

Written by Ed Armstrong

CP Active is delighted to announce the formation of a partnership with Gagarin Studio Limited – an innovative firm of architects based in Halifax.

CP Active is developing a range of new products and services specifically aimed at using the workplace environment to prompt more movement. As part of this we are looking at the built environment, as well as cultural behaviours in the workplace.

Gagarin works with a range of clients across the UK, from new build projects to the renovation of old properties, as well as bespoke community projects. Gagarin is helping to inform the development of CP Active’s services and products, looking at how buildings can be used to encourage greater activity levels in the workplace as part of employees’ daily routines.

Gayle Appleyard is the Co-founder of Gagarin and is a Built Environment Expert for the Design Council:

“It is really exciting for us to be involved in the early stages of CP Active’s research and development process in looking at how workplaces can be used to encourage more movement amongst employees. Sedentary behaviour is clearly affecting people’s health, but there is no reason that even existing buildings can’t be adjusted to help improve activity levels and our overall health and wellbeing.”

Richard Eccles, Managing Director of CP Active commented:

“We are delighted to have Gagarin on board as we act on the research we have conducted to develop products and services that employers will be able to use to improve overall health and wellbeing in their workplace. Gayle is extremely knowledgeable and creative and has already cast an entirely new light on our work from an architectural perspective. We look forward to working more closely with Gagarin as we begin working with employers across the UK.”

See building innovation in action at Gagarin Studio

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