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No rest for CP Active in 2017

We have been busy! The last few months have been an exciting and busy time for us here at CP Active. We’ve been out and about, talking about Environmental Nudges at national events, analysing the data from our pilot project, writing our stakeholder report and planning for future ‘disruptions’ to health behaviour through changing the […]

CP Active and Gagarin Studios ‘activate’ new partnership

CP Active is delighted to announce the formation of a partnership with Gagarin Studio Limited – an innovative firm of architects based in Halifax. CP Active is developing a range of new products and services specifically aimed at using the workplace environment to prompt more movement. As part of this we are looking at the […]

Active Working Summit beckons for CP Active

CP Active has been invited to speak at the prestigious forthcoming Active Working Summit on 30 March 2017, in London. This is following a keynote speech delivered at the Preventing Illness Conference at the Wellcome Trust in November 2016. Dr Nicola Eccles will be presenting her findings from the initial environmental nudges trial, conducted by CP […]

Huddersfield is on the move!

How do we reach whole communities when trying to create behaviour change? Well you could spend millions of pounds penetrating every conceivable online and traditional media avenue but, back in the real world, how is this possible with ever-decreasing council budgets for health prevention? One answer is to use media that reaches almost everyone in a community – […]

CP Active launches environmental prompts pilot

Using environmental prompts to change behaviour is not a new phenomenon – think of ‘no smoking’ signs or ‘now wash your hands’ stickers in toilets. However, they have never really been used on any great scale in the UK in relation to inactivity. CP Active has launched a pilot scheme in Huddersfield, using a range […]

Shining examples of transforming spaces to alter health behaviour

CP Active values the extensive information which the Center for Active Design communicates though it’s website. Shining examples of transformed spaces include: Brooklyn Bridge Park This former cargo shipping site, which was inaccessible, was transformed into a waterfront park covering 85 acres of urban land. Whilst not yet fully complete the site already receives […]