Active Working Summit beckons for CP Active

Written by Ed Armstrong

CP Active has been invited to speak at the prestigious forthcoming Active Working Summit on 30 March 2017, in London. This is following a keynote speech delivered at the Preventing Illness Conference at the Wellcome Trust in November 2016.

Dr Nicola Eccles will be presenting her findings from the initial environmental nudges trial, conducted by CP Active in Huddersfield. Whilst the final report is still being finalised, there is already some startling data coming out of the trial, which Nicola will be sharing.

“The study provides proof that one of the measures that can be taken to improve the overall health of people working in an office is simply environmental prompts. However, the trial has also provided a really interesting insight into the lives and issues faced by many working people in today’s society, in terms of trying to stay active.” (Dr Nicola Eccles)

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